Meet Sara

Golden hour chaser, patina seeker, lover of all things vintage - and most of all, a meanderer at heart.

Blonde woman holding large bouquet of lavender portrait of San Francisco Bay Area photographer 

My passion for photography actually evolved from an affinity for things that are imperfect and wonderfully worn (more on that a little later). I grew up meandering through antique stores, vintage shows and flea markets, which led my love of chippy paint and patina, and an equal love of backroads and finding adventures a bit off the beaten path. Sometimes those "meanders", as we lovingy call them, started just by driving to the end of the road and saying "Left or right?". My friends, can I tell you the beauty in not always having a plan?

Speaking of plans (or the lack of them), I never imagined I would spend more than a decade building a fast-paced public relations and brand marketing career working with national food, home decor, consumer and technology clients. Eventually, I felt a different creative pull and knew a new adventure was on the horizon. 

"A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what it's built for." 

That quote guided me to follow my heart, and I knew that the next season of life shouldn't be sitting behind a desk. I have lovingly traded it for being behind a camera and a computer screen editing photos, and helping creative business owners put their vision on the page and out in the world.

How did a love of all things vintage spark my journey to capturing images? Well, at a time when I felt as though my creativity had never been more stifled I started an Instagram account just for fun. I shot images of the treasures found during our meanders, and it was then I learned that I really loved still photography. A while later I took a photo and styling session from a lovely antique dealer and friend and she let me use her full frame camera during the class - things I wanted to achieve in my photos came into focus that very day. When I am behind my camera a piece of my heart clicks into place. 

After spending some time taking portraits of family and friends I realized that I also love photographing humans. And with the encouragement of a kindred spirit mentor and friend, I decided to set this ship out on an uncharted voyage - to chase light and smiles, and to capture the ways we express emotional connection. 

In addition to all of you wonderful people that follow our adventures on social media or have become clients, my lovely mom and family is the "and Company" to my "Meander" - she's actually the one that inspired the company name and originally deemed me a meanderer. Sometimes our meanders are planned, but many times they start out from phone calls like "Hi, wanna be a gypsy?". That's code for "Let's get outta here and go antiquing." 

I would love to bring you along on the journey and create an experience to capture your loved ones on camera.


P.S. - if you have an old truck, an old dog or an old barn, let's be friends (p.p.s. - really - I'd love to shoot that)